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From style and shape consultations and corporate wear to make-up classes and store merchandising. We have all your styling needs covered.


Style and Shape Consultations

Did you know there are 15 different style personalities?

Do you know yours?

Knowing your style personality has the following benefits.

  • Your style will be easy to maintain consistently.
  • Work with your body shape
  • Will suit the practical needs of your lifestyle.
  • Will make you feel confident and comfortable.

For example, if your style personality is Bohemian/Hippie I will not force you into Frilly and Petite.

Body shape, face shape, neck length and body segments are especially important to know.

You will have the knowledge and how to hide your flaws smartly, and what glass frames, size earrings, and hats to wear. Which style of swimsuit, pants, skirt, top and dresses to wear to compliment your shape the best? How to balance out your outfit, how to use lines to elongate and create the illusion of being slimmer, fuller or any effect you want to create.

colour analysis

We have 12 different colour flows and two of them will be your best superpower, have you seen how some colour makes you look younger and more energetic than other colours? Why do some people look beautiful in pastels, and you look like melted ice cream in pastels? Let me show you which colours suits you best and which to ignore. Giving you that wow she always looks good! Because you know your colour girl!!

Corporate Stylist

Do your employees highlight the professional image that you as the CEO want for your company?

We all know employees that look smart, and professional have a higher productivity rate! Some employers find it very hard to address matters of hygiene, proper dress code and even small subjects like the wrong make-up, too long nails and the list can go on, anything that doesn’t go with your vision and mission of your company and what it stands for image-wise. Allow me to do a workshop on the above topics, corporate styling, office etiquette, and office civility and left your employees professionally groomed, well rounded and with pride in their appearance.

Wardrobe Styling

After your body shape, style personality and Colour analysis we can hit the shops. Now we know exactly what to shop for and I can teach you how to shop smartly and what to buy and what to ignore and not waste money on or make your money stretch further. No more using only 20% of your closet 80% of the time

Wardrobe Construction

Have you ever stood in front of your closet full of clothes but you still have nothing to wear!?

This is where you need me, to reconstruct and organize your closet giving you tips and useful information on clothes you already have, how to put your clothes together and create different outfits that are in your closet, and set up a grocery list but for clothes for your next shopping trip. You will have an organized closet which will make dressing up a breeze and effortless

Shopping Assistant

Do you have an upcoming special event? You do not know what Casual, Semi- Casual, Black Tie or White Tie is etc. Let me shop and help you get dressed to the T for your special occasion and be the talk of the town looking amazing, elegant and dressed as per the dress code. Matric Farewells, planning your outfits for your holiday trip, wedding day, or any event that is important to you….you never know whom you are going to meet at an event…remember that!

Make-up Classes

  • What make-up to buy?
  • How to apply the makeup correctly?
  • What is Day look and what is Evening look?
  • Wow! Look at all these make-up brushes and…. I don’t have a clue how to use it!

I will teach you step-by-step how to apply makeup and, in the process, will answer all four questions. Make-up will be fun and your confidence in applying make-up will shoot through the roof!


We can help you pick out the right clothing for an up coming event, job interview or a night out!

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This service is for all the shops with windows, malls, and boutiques. I will dress up your mannequins and make window shopping a pleasure and feast for the eyes!

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